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BLACKALICIOUS: Imani Vol. 1 (2015)

Imani Vol 1 BlackaliciousNo Blackalicious LPs in ten years and then three come along at once. Well, one anyway, with news of a projected trilogy. Yes, they’re back, the band that first emerged amid the mid-nineties explosion of ‘underground hip-hop’ rubbing shoulders with fellow Solesides/ Quannum Projects homies DJ Shadow and Latyrx and the likes of J5 and Hieroglyphics and went on to release three well

SHAOLIN TEMPLE DEFENDERS: Take It Slow (feat. Gift Of Gab)

These guys have to run T Bird & The Breaks pretty close in terms of who has the best band name on the contemporary funk scene. But that’s another story. What we have here is the horns-n-Hammond-rich new single and title track of their forthcoming LP (due 4 October 2010) feat. Blackalicious’ heavyweight (in more ways than one) rapper. Actually their myspace indicates the LP will be available on wax this month too…keep your eyes peeled innit!

Listen to Shaolin Temple Defenders – Take It Slow

Shaolin Temple Defenders – Myspace

BLACKALICIOUS – First In Flight (The Re-edit)) – 2008 – Single review

Rating: ★★☆☆☆

The Blazing Arrow album was the first time I saw signs of the hitherto teflon-coated pairing of Chief Xcel and Gift of Gab start to fall off. Why this bland brace of tracks has been re-edited and re-released from said LP therefore remains somewhat of a mystery, allowing us all, as it does, to see that a turd may be polished in more than one way but it still remains a turd. Harsh, possibly – but these two are capable of far greater things.
Out now on Jama.

Listen to Blackalicious – First In Flight

Blackalicious – Myspace