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BASEMENT FREAKS: ‘Tape Funk’ sample pack

BASEMENT FREAKS: 'Tape Funk' sample packMB regulars will know that over the years Basement Freaks has knocked out a multitude of sample packs for Black Octopus in all kinds of flavours but for Tape Funk, his twentieth (!), it’s something a little bit special. Made as a collab. with Concord Audio, it’s got a title that evokes an era of analogue warmth because the entire contents were run through a vintage tape machine

BASEMENT FREAKS: 80s Disco Funk sample pack

BASEMENT FREAKS: 80s Disco Funk sample packNot enough of an Egyptian Lover feel to your last single? Can’t get the Cameo you wanted? Not yet Prince of the disco breaks? Is your life over? Don’t be daft, punk! Basement Freaks has got you covered with his recent 80s Disco Funk sample pack which loads you up with seven full song kits (including key and tempo), two brass loops

BASEMENT FREAKS: Tarantino Bass Sample Pack (Black Octopus)(2017) + ‘Screaming Jazz’ routine video

BASEMENT FREAKS:  Tarantino Bass Sample Pack (Black Octopus)As a blood red sun sets over 2017, what’s this that comes ambling over the horizon to the sound of mournful mariachi trumpets and harshly jangling guitars? Why it’s Basement Freaks’ new sample pack, Tarantino Bass, on which the the Balkan beat bandit provides a posse of sax, trumpet, trombone, guitar, and accordion loops (among other things) influenced by the sound of both Old

BASEMENT FREAKS: Tribal & African Percussion Sample Pack (Black Octopus)(2017)

Short of tribal and African percussion samples? The cupboard bare of balafons and devoid of djembes? Can’t spy any shakers, track down any talking drums or discover any congas you haven’t used already? We’ve all been there. Thank the lord for Basement Freaks‘ George Fotiadis then who, with the assistance of Smokey Bandits‘ percussionist Nick Tourbis, has knocked out (pun