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HERO No. 7/ GUMBO YA YA: Balacava Man (Hero No. 7 remix)/ Black Mountain (Gumbo Ya Ya remix) – (2011)

Hero Records mailed me the details of this three weeks ago with profuse apologies about the fact that they meant to send it to me a month previously (i.e. when the release actually came out) but didn’t because there was a bit of a fail on the promotional side of things. Full of swift posting intentions I then inadvertently returned the favour by forgetting this was in my inbox for the aforementioned three weeks like a colossal bumblefuck

THE KILLER METERS – Dance Move Shake/ Black Mountain – 2008 – Single review

Rating: ★★★★☆

I never used to understand the point of The Killer Meters who started off as a Meters covers band. Happily they’ve given themselves a point by hooking up with vocalist Karime Kendra and dropping two massive slices of original funk-rock the like of which hasn’t been seen since Betty Davis vanished off the scene. Er – that’s it basically.
Out now on Breakin Bread

Listen to The Killer Meters – Dance, Move Shake!/ Black Mountain

The Killer Meters – Myspace