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ROSTRUM RECORDS:  Top Shelf 1988Rating: ★★★★★ Many are the claims to have brought ’88 back but surely never before with as much authority as Rostrum Records’ mighty compilation of thirteen long lost cuts from thirteen different hip-hop legends – Top Shelf 1988. The Top Shelf of the title was (so the story goes) a small studio on the Lower East Side of Manhattan where emcees found a safe haven from the

Bram Van Splunteren presents: ‘BIG FUN IN THE BIG TOWN’ DVD (Previously unreleased 1986 hip-hop documentary) (2012)

With a name like his you’d surely have an epic career in the porn industry mapped out from birth and yet despite this (and the name of this particular film notwithstanding) Dutch director Bram Van Splunteren happily sidestepped destiny to make a film about the burgeoning NY hip-hop scene more than a quarter of a century ago. Amazingly, Big Fun In The Big Town has

BIZ MARKIE: ‘The Biz Never Sleeps’ Special edition (2012)

The Biz never sleeps, nobody beats the biz, and – as he once rapped, “You all know me as the B-I-Z/ I rock a microphone most definite-ly.” Yes, it’s a re-release of the Biz Markie the ‘clown prince’ of hip-hop’s second album – the 1989 classic The Biz Never Sleeps which went gold the first time around when it was released on Marley Marl’s Cold Chillin label. It’s the one with Just A Friend on and comes