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BILLA QAUSE: Somehow Someway

BILLA QAUSE: Somehow SomewayHere it is then, the new LP from the Mind The Wax stable – Billa Qause’s Somehow Someway – which you could be forgiven thinking was something unearthed from the late nineties.  I’m pretty sure when Bristol replaced Seattle as the city on which the music press’s attention was fixated in the mid-nineties that no-one was expecting a largely instrumental, slowed-down ambient form of hip-

VARIOUS: Cloud Watching Volume 3 (Riddim Fruit) (2013)

Google ‘cloud watching’ (like I just did) and you’ll probably find that the first search result is the Cloud Appreciation Society (‘Uniting cloud lovers around the world’) who are, “fighting the banality of blue sky thinking.” Unsure whether this was some sort of joke or whether there really are people apart from meteorologists out there that interested in clouds I had a quick tour around the site and

VARIOUS: Cloud Watching (Riddim Fruit) (2012) – Free download

Known for its adventures in the realm of bass music, the Riddim Fruit label crosses the threshold of the chill-out room with Cloud Watching – as if you’d expect anything else from a cover depicting a bloke stood on a hill staring at a paisley-ish sky or a hippy title like that, anyway. If this leads you feeling like we’ve entered nineties downtempo breaks territory you’d be right. And