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KODOJA: Kaiju graphic novel with soundtrack Kickstarter campaign (2014)

Kodoja KickstarterIt’s those crazy funk/movie/comic fanboys the Hot Peas & Butta crew again. You know – the ones behind two Big Pimp Jones blaxploitation soundtracks to movies that don’t exist and two Kodoja ‘monster funk’ soundtracks to comics that do exist (plus the comics themselves) and now they’re back with a Kickstarter project for something so large it’ll make Godzilla look like

HOT PEAS & BUTTA: Kodoja: Terror Mountain Showdown (2012) + free preview mix download

Hot Peas & Butta specialise in making movie soundtracks to movies that don’t exist. Sound familiar? Yep – it was them behind the Big Pimp Jones ‘soundtracks.’ But where BPJ’s Jimmy Ruckus & The 5 Fingers Of Death riffed off Blaxploitation and Kung Fu flicks, Kodoja: Terror Mountain Showdown riffs off vintage Japanese monster movies in general and Godzilla in

BIG PIMP JONES – Jimmy Ruckus & The 5 Fingers Of Death – LP details + tracklist

With a name like Jimmy Ruckus & The Five Fingers Of Death it could only be the soundtrack to a kung fu flick or a really nasty porn film. As it turns out, it pretends to be the former though, given that wah-wah guitar is a constant throughout – it could function as either. As an exercise in early seventies kung fu soundtrack pastiche this is pretty peerless, not only because it’s about as authentic as, well, an early seventies kung fu flick sound track but because, um, nobody else is doing early seventies kung fu soundtrack pastiches

BIG PIMP JONES – ‘Hanging With Roscoe’ b/w ‘Jump Up, Turnaround Popcorn’ – new 45

Yep it’s more Philly-funk-from-flicks-that-never-flew time. Those with previous experience of the band will know it’s always 1971 in Big Pimp Jones’ house though that doesn’t stop them trying to prove it. Close your eyes while listening to this and you’ll be whisked into the arms of a couple of dusky beauties clad in little more than skimpy bikinis, who tote sunlight-blocking afros and pump-action shotguns while dudes with names like Shuggy and Bumpy try and shoot your bitch ass because of that crap you pulled last week in Harlem.