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RORY HOY: Headroom EP

RORY HOY:  Headroom EPThe UK’s foremost warrior of big beat breaks, Rory Hoy, has returned with a new EP, the seven-track Headroom which provides the full spectrum of classic big beat era sounds. The manic Driving Me Insane is the EP’s calling card and takes no prisoners with a 140 bpm break, though it is probably beaten in the energy required to dance to it stakes by the only slightly slower but equally lairy

RORY HOY: The Other Side Of Forever EP

RORY HOY:  The Other Side Of Forever EPWho better to provide the debut release for Terence ‘Pulpfusion’ Thöny and Kim ‘Wiccatron’ Sørensen’s new label Big Fat Mama Beats than the UK’s like-minded Rory Hoy – a man for whom beats can never be big enough? Frankly what else would you expect from an entity created solely for the furtherance of ‘big beat, breakbeat, nu-funk and break tech boom-bap’ – and I refer to the


Big Fat Mama Breakbeat ParadiseHaving done the ‘old’ (with the retro 90s-ish sound of the Badass Funk EP from earlier in the year), Breakbeat Paradise Recordings now do the ‘new’ assembling a seven-artist strong squad consisting of Discobeta, Mr Rich & Caretaker, Crashgroove, Wiccatron, Funky Boogie Brothers, Rory Hoy and Pulpfusion to take things musically bang-up-to-date with the Big Fat Mama Beats EP – all expectations (as