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KEN: Closer To The Sun EP

KEN:  Closer To The Sun EPConsider the situation – your mates Discobeta have got you an ‘in’ with the Breakbeat Paradise label. The label are keen to take on your rolling breakbeat sitar blues bump and make it the basis of a release (the Closer To The Sun EP) which additionally features four remixes and the remixers they’ve lined up for you are Discobeta

TRU FUNK: Nu Party Breaks Vol. 4 (2012)

Ahhh the party breaks/ funky breaks/ ghetto funk compilation – you’re never quite sure what the content will include these days. Bit of glitch hop? Er – alright, yeah. Drum n bass? Not really my bag, man. Moombahton? No ta. Dubstep? Fuck off. Which is where Tru Funk come in. The missing ‘e’ indicates that we’re all modern ‘n shit but there is actually a clear link with the thang that James