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COCKNEY NUTJOB: The Master (2014) Free download

The Master Cockney NutjobRating: ★★★★★ Quite often after a late gig, I’ll get those late night/ early morning hunger pangs and get something to eat where there are options when it comes to fillings – “some of that, yeah a bit of that, a bit of that too, yeah a bit of that” – you know how it goes. It’s a bit like making a mash-up – “a bit of boom-bap drums, a bit of Das Efx, some rocksteady, ooh yeah – a bit of Beyonce – love that

REBEL BROTHERS: Work It Out (2014) Free download

Work It Out Rebel Bros.Rating: ★★★★★ As Goldmember once said, “I love gooooold” and this is dancefloor gold. Essentially the Rebel Brothers knock out their own live piano-led instrumental northern soul shuffle beat and then make Beyonce go on top. Well, of course. And the result is shimmy-tastic – arguably more so than the Barkays/ Betty Davis pastiche of the original Work It Out. Hang on a minute – Rebel