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BETTY DAVIS: ‘Nasty Gal’ documentary movie (2015) Crowdfunding campaign and teaser

Betty Davis Movie CrowdfundingWhat do you mean who’s Betty Davis? Betty DAVIS! The ‘first lady of funk’. Friend to Jimi, Sly, Carlos Santana and Herbie Hancock. Wife (briefly) to Miles. Model. Producer/ singer/ songwriter on four classic funk-rock LPs in the 70s. Oh – yeah – and victim of sexism and censorship. Which are the main reasons why she suddenly disappeared at the tail end of the seventies and doesn’t have

BETTY DAVIS: ‘Is It Love Or Desire?’ LP Update

The unreleased fourth LP Is It Love Or Desire? by 70s funk-rock queen Betty Davis is finally due to see the light this September on Light In The Attic Records.

A former model, Betty Mabry was briefly married to jazz legend Miles Davis and turned the big man onto Sly Stone and Hendrix – thus she was a major catalyst in the creation of Miles’ landmark psychedelic epic Bitches Brew. She went on to release three massive and insanely overlooked funk-rock LPs (Betty Davis, They Say I’m Different and the mighty Nasty Gal) with a band she put together by cherry-picking members of The Family Stone and Tower Of Power.

Is It Love Or Desire? will be accompanied by sleeve notes from Oliver Wang of soul-sides.com.

Betty Davis – Myspace



1. (NEW) THE REGALS – Sure Taking Care Of Me (Single)(Jupiter Finland)
Comes on like Tom Jones singing a mental funk soul bomb. Proof that sometimes B sides are better!

2. (NEW) DA WIESEL – Cool Hot Grits – (Single)(Sunsetsoul)
Another One Bites the Dust B-line? Roots Manuva? Why aren’t you dancing?

3. (NEW) UGLY DUCKLING – Right Now (Audacity LP) (Fat Beats)
Einstein digs deep in the vintage funk, Andy C and Dizzy start the party.

4. (NEW) SIR BEANS OBE feat. Koaste – The Jingle (Unreleased)
Yet another massive cut from Beans topped with tight rhymes from Koaste.

5. (NEW) BLU – We Got U (A Day Late, A Dollar Short LP) (Unreleased)
Coast to coast unite! Super mellow flows from L.A.’s Blu; dope beats from NY’s Sene.

6. (NEW) BETTY DAVIS – Come Take Me
The original queen of filthy funk rock pops up on dope re-press.
ListenRead Review…

7. (NEW) THE KILLER METERS – Dance, Move, Shake! (Single) (Breakin Bread)
Massive slice of funk-rock with vocalist Karime Kendra coming on like Betty Davis.

8. (5) ANDY TAYLOR feat. Louisa Rox (Unreleased)
Ridiculously euphoric funky anthem. 3rd month in the chart!

9. (NEW) K DELIGHT – The Life & Times Of A Scratch Machine
11 minute scratch extravaganza.

10. (10) T-BIRD & THE BREAKS – Juice (Learn About It LP)(Unreleased)
Funky-ass soul so raw it’s still bleeding.

BETTY DAVIS – Come Take Me/ You Won’t See Me In The Morning, He Was A Big Freak/ Don’t You Call Her No Tramp – 2008 – 7″ reviews

Rating: ★★★★★

The re-release of the former Mrs Miles Davis’ back catalogue is long overdue though it hasn’t happened properly yet. If you’re uninitiated I’ll explain the rules: if you like funk and you ever see anything with Betty Davis written on it you buy it. Wild child Betty Mabry was a model who turned Miles onto Hendrix (and, according to rumour, turned Hendrix on a bit himself), borrowed some of Sly Stone’s band when Sly went a.w.o.l. and made several LPs of scorchingly filthy rock-tinged funk. These cuts’ll give you an idea and they ain’t even the best stuff she did.
Out now on Light In The Attic US

Listen to Betty Davis – Come Take Me/ You Won’t See Me In The Morning

Listen to Betty Davis – He Was A Big Freak, Don’t You Call Her No Tramp

Betty Davis – Myspace