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SMOOVE & TURRELL: Beggarman (Ltd. Vinyl 7″)

Smoove & Turrell may have released their debut LP Antique Soul all the way back in ’09 but it appears the clamouring for wax copies of that LP’s third single, Beggarman, still haven’t let up – naturally because the song is an irresistible call to the soul dancefloor.  Lyrically it was a call to keep spirits high in times of hardship and it is telling that while the word ‘austerity’ might have

SMOOVE & TURRELL: Beggarman – 2009 – Single review

Rating: ★★★★★

One of the stand-outs from the Antique Soul LP, this soaring, yet somewhat melancholy, nu-soul anthem finds Turrell pondering the current economic recession through the medium of his warmly rasping soul vocal. In this he is ably assisted by partner in crime and beatmaster-general Smoove. Between the two of them they conclude that far from all that bollocks about ‘quantitative easing’ what you really need is to get your ass to the, “beggarman’s disco,” in order that the, “bad times don’t get you down.” Well, I’m always up for a boogie. As long as it’s not house music.
Out 21 September 16 November on Jalapeno

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SMOOVE & TURRELL: Beggarman – Video

Smoove & Turrell’s Beggarman 12″ will be out soon. In the meantime – have a gander at the video. It seems the recession has hit Newcastle so badly that, for some, mirrorballs are having to double as headgear to keep the bitter northern cold at bay:
Smoove & Turrell – Myspace