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MOOQEE & HERBGRINDER: Sound Around Town (Remixes) (2016)

Sound Around Town remixes Mooqee HerbgrinderIt might not be ‘hot town, summer in the city’ weather at the minute but Lovin Spoonful-sampling breaks oldie Sound Around Town from Moooqee and Herbgrinder gets some remix heat on this package from Funkanomics, Beatvandals and – er – Mooqee who gives things an ‘organ VIP’ editing. Funkanomics bring the sound around where grinding breaksville

VARIOUS: Funk N’ Beats Vol. 2: Beatvandals (2015)

Beatvandals Funk N Beats Volume 2The Bombstrikes label gears up for another devastating sortie over breakbeat-land with the sequel to 2013’s Funk N Beats comp. What to call it though? Oohh – I know – Funk N Beats Volume 2: Beatvandals! Why ‘Beatvandals’? Because label co-founder Beatvandals has curated the thing and provided a continuous mix alongside the twenty-five tracks consisting of re-mastered

MOOQEE & BEATVANDALS: Bombstrikes: 10 Years In 10 Minutes Mix (2014) Free download

10 Years In 10 Minutes Bomb StrikesChrist – take cover! The Bombstrikes crew are parading more weaponry around than Vladimir Putin in chest-beating mode! Yes, Mooqee and Beatvandals lock, load, and cut everything they can lay their hands on from the label in the last ten years in order to celebrate a decade of dancefloor destruction. In case you were wondering, that’s two number one compilation albums, eight

RANDA & THE SOUL KINGDOM: The Things (2011)

Blimey. Randa in disco shocker! The second album from Aussie funkers Randa & The Soul Kingdom, What You Need, is in the offing and according to the accompanying press release it promises to deliver more deep funk, sixties style soul and – if The Things is anything to go by – a bit of disco fever too. And what things is Randa singing about exactly? Going by the sound, I’d say silver hot pants, white leather roller skates and knee high basketball socks