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BEATS & CULTURE: BNC003 (Vinyl 12″)

 BEATS & CULTURE: BNC003 (Vinyl 12After more than a half year of silence, the Beats & Culture Youtube camp hook-up with Melting Records for a third release blending hip-hop and dub with exotic sounds – this time featuring The Spy From Cairo, Thunderball, Invisible Sounds and SomehowArt. That’s right, four tracks, which means that, rather than the seven inches of the first two releases, they’ve had to resort to the vinyl format of champions – the twelve inch – and

BEATS & CULTURE: Snake Pit (Stove Mix)(JUNGLE FIRE) b/w Lokums & Matches (PALOV & A. ANGELIDES)(Vinyl 7″)

The second of two dope sevens from the new collaboration between the Beats & Culture Youtube channel and Melting Records is this – a 45 featuring L.A. outfit Jungle Fire on the one side and Athenian producer Palov and his guitar-toting homie A.Angelides on the flip. The former provides the spaghetti Western-tinged rootsy dub of Snake Pit (The Stove Mix) an appropriately hypnotic and

BEATS & CULTURE: Tom’s Thai (DJ DSK) b/w Southern Magnolia (NICKODEMUS with MAHARAJ TRIO) (BNC 001) (Vinyl 7″)

BEATS & CULTURE:  Tom's Thai (DJ DSK) b/w Southern Magnolia (NICKODEMUS with MAHARAJ TRIO) (BNC 001) (Vinyl 7Yet more seven inch goodness before Christmas? Yep. This time the Beats & Culture Youtube channel have linked with Melting Records to launch a new series of 45s promising to cover hip-hop, breaks, dub, afrobeat and combinations thereof. The first drop is this which features UK to Asia transplant DJ DSK who spicily blends boom-bap with Thai influences and choice vocal cuts on