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SABROSA: Sure Pow / Tangerine Shot (Vinyl 7″)

SABROSA:  Sure Pow / Tangerine ShotSabrosa will have you all mixed up and checking your head with new 45 Sure Pow b/w Tangerine Shot. Any Beastie Boys fans will instantly recognise that bouillabaisse of names given that Sabrosa is the name of the Beasties’ fattest and dirtiest ever funk nugget while the uptempo car chase wah wah funk of A-side instrumental Sure Pow borrows elements of the Beasties’ Sureshot

BEASTIE BOYS: So What’cha Want (MORLACK 2016 Remake)

So Whatch'a Want Morlack RemakeWhat to do now the man has bought out Soundcloud and Soundcloud is increasingly biting the dj remix culture hand that fed it like some sort of senile Alsatian? Bandcamp? Great setup but upload it lossless or forget it. Hearthis? It’s free, it’s got that early SC vibe – might be the way forward. Morlack‘s got a different answer that allows you to keep all your shit on soundcloud with

CALIBRO 35 vs BEASTIE BOYS: Sabotaggio (2015) Free download

Sabotaggio Calibro 35 Beastie BoysI bet you can’t guess what this is. No it’s not a mirage – Italian mod-crime-funkers Calibro 35 have appropriated the acapella from one of the Beasties’ most notorious tracks – a certain shouty guitar-fest on Ill Communication (which harked back to a whole album of shouty guitar-fests on Licensed To Ill) and created their own edgy psych-funk backing track. Some might view that as

FEATURECAST: Ghetto Funk presents Featurecast EP (2011)

Rating: ★★★★★
Nowadays I normally wouldn’t bother bigging up a Ghetto Funk label release as it’s difficult to blow your trumpet louder than they blow their own. For starters, there’s the whole name thing. ‘Ghetto funk’ was their idea and it wasn’t the first applied to the artists working in the genre but now it’s the most widely used. Then there’s the fact that in the space of a year, they’ve acquired most of the major players in the genre as part of their ‘crew.’

CHART – May 2011

1. (NEW) Joe Driscoll – Mixtape Champs (Mr Benn remix)

Mr Benn applies his boom-skankin’ Midas touch again

BEASTIE BOYS: Hot Sauce Committee Part 2 – Album review + Audio – 2011

It’s a couple of years late but the Beasties are finally back. Is there anyone else who’s been in the hip-hop game as long as they have who still garners this much hype on the eve of a release? To date they haven’t released a single duff hip-hop album and their last hip-hop release (2005’s To The 5 Boroughs) was a superb effort. On the other hand

BEASTIE BOYS: Hot Sauce Committee – Video trailer + Make Some Noise – listen to full track

Full Hot Sauce Committee Part 2 review and audio HERE.
“The next millennium we’ll still be old school!” Never a truer word spoken. Beasties just let loose this trailer featuring Will Ferrell, Jack Black, and Steve Buscemi (among others) for their forthcoming half-hour film. Plus you can now hear the full version of forthcoming single Make Some Noise (see soundcloud player below) – since they’ve stopped fighting the fact that

BEASTIE BOYS: Hot Sauce Committee Part 2 – Album release update + ‘Make Some Noise’ single snippet – 2011

Full Hot Sauce Committee Part 2 review and audio HERE.
I slept on this a bit just to make sure the ‘Rolling Stones’ of rap weren’t pulling another fast one on release dates and album names but it does seem fairly certain that the next proper Beastie Boys hip-hop album drops on 3 May this year – due in no small part to the recovery of MCA from throat cancer. Just to clarify, the album is entitled Hot Sauce Committee Part 2

REMIX! MAKO & THE HAWK vs. BEASTIE BOYS: Too Many Rappers ( ‘Not Enough Funk’ Mix) – 2009 – Free download

(PRESS RELEASE) When Mako & The Hawk heard the lyrics to current Beastie Boys single Too Many Rappers it occurred to them that, these days, lack of funk was a problem at least as important as a surfeit of rappers. Cue a trawl through the crates. A flurry of cutting and pasting ensued which saw the pair emerge triumphant from the studio with several paper snowflakes, an offensive collage made entirely from pages of Heat Magazine and the Beasties on a fat new beat. Incredible as it may seem, both the rapper and funk issues had been solved in one! Check the remix below:

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BEASTIE BOYS (feat. NAS): Too Many Rappers – 2009 – Single review/ Download

Rating: ★★★★★

“1, 2, 3, too many rappers and there’s still not enough MCs,” point out the Beastie Boys here, proving there’s life in the old dogs yet. Although, now I think about it, even rappers are starting to look a bit thin on the ground in hip-hop these days. Putting aside for one a minute the issue of who’s ‘just a rapper’ and who’s a true ‘MC’ – what household names are there right now who maintain any sort of regular presence in the general public’s eyes apart from Jay-Z, Nas and Lil Wayne? Fiddy? Now he is ‘just a rapper’ but there are kids hanging around ouside my local shops who can’t remember the last time he had a hit. Eminem? He’s a had a break for how long? Enter the Beastie Boys after their own massive sabbatical, rapidly becoming the Rolling Stones of Rap, cannily co-opting one of the few remaining hip-hop colossii to reach the kids, and still rhyming the rhyme well over the crashing hi hats and filtered metallic funk of Too Many Rappers. “I’ve been in this game, since before you were born/ I might still be emceeing even after you’re gawwnn.” Almost certainly. And that’s even without having their blood changed annually in an expensive private clinic in Sweden. Keep your eyes open for forthcoming LP Hot Sauce Committee Pt 1 due 15 September and…check the second link below for the fat and funky Mako & The Hawk vs. Beastie Boys – Too Many Rappers (Not Enough Funk mix).
Out now on Capitol
DOWNLOAD The Beastie Boys – Too Many Rappers HERE
DOWNLOAD – MAKO & THE HAWK vs. Beastie Boys – Too Many Rappers (‘Not Enough Funk’ Mix) 320 kbps HERE

Listen to The Beastie Boys – Too many Rappers

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