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Funk Bananas BBPWho said big beat was dead? Certainly not Badboe’s label Breakbeat Paradise Recordings which presides over this very big-beat-tastic bunch of fifteen Funk Bananas which features the work of a select cadre of the label’s roster of artists. Step forward Pulp Fusion, Morlack, Discobeta, ElectroGorilla, Mr Bristow, SBK, Crashgroove, Rory Hoy and Wiccatron but mainly the latter seven

DJ ROAST BEATZ: Luxury Boom Bap (2015)

Luxury Boom Bap DJ Roast BeatzRoast Beatz finally makes good on the promise implicit in all those drops over the last few years to deliver a full-length album which comes out shortly on Badboe’s Breakbeat Paradise label. The pair of them should probably get someone they both know to write the PR blah for that…

(PRESS RELEASE) With his sophomore album, DJ

ELECTROGORILLA: All Get Down EP (2015)

All Get Down EP Electro GorillaNo knuckle-dragging for Electrogorilla on the All Get Down EP as he goes ape with the funky breaks and provides four lively beats to soundtrack all manner of dancefloor pre-mating rituals. If U Really Like is the big band horns-toting, simian sound-featuring, b-boy friendly opener, What U Rockin For takes the tempo up and goes for a more minimal feel with electro keys, All Get Down

BADBOE: Pump Up The Funk – Instrumentals (2014)

Pump Up The Funk Instrumentals BadboeFirst there was the album taster EP. Then there was the album itself. Then there was the remix LP. And now, finally, there’s an EP of Pump Up The Funk instrumentals. Ooh he’s a canny one, that Badboe! And just to prove it, he has chosen the very best tunes to release the instrumentals of – just in case you thought you could inflate the dancefloor pressure better than he did with his

TOSSES: Stone EP (2014)

Stone EP TossesDJ/ Producer Tosses (of Tosses & Varvez fame) has released an EP called Stone. Tosses? Stone? You couldn’t make it up. Mind you, what else could you toss? Actually – the cleanest that line of discussion’s going to get is ‘not a dwarf’ so let’s not go there. And so it is that we focus on this four track set of funky breaks missiles. The first two are equal parts nasty synths, crunchy breaks and


So Long Dudes Nynfus CorporationNynfus Corporation return and simultaneously bow out with the Bill & Ted-ishly titled 12″ wax EP So Long Dudes. Yep – from now on Kid Panel & DJ Clairvo will forge ahead with being Lack Jemmon and Vida G will blow the whole joint up all on his own. But not before they have a chance to get BC beat bandit Timothy Wisdom to drop weed-worship rhymes in conjunction with a hook

YUM CHA: Roll Dem EP (2014)

Roll Dem EP Yum Cha“Yum cha?”
“Oh yes please – that’s very kind – got any of those little snack things while I do?”
“Dim Sums?”
“No I was thinking more of some of those ghetto reggae biscuits.”
“Ghetto reggae biscuits? Ohhhhh. You mean Yum Cha the Oz
producer! Sorry I thought you were

MORONGROOVER: Party With Me (2014)

Party With Me MorongrooverNo matter how much you insist it’s the music that’s important, there comes a time when it has to be released into the wild and attributed to someone. What to call yourself though? All the cool names seem to have been picked. Use your own name? Bit boring. Something silly perhaps? Hmm – requires a bit of thought. You wouldn’t want to go with ‘Cretinraver’ or ‘E-tard’ for example – you’d

MR BRISTOW feat. BENNY SILVER: My Life EP (2014)

My Life EP Mr Bristow Benny SilverMash-up maestro Mr Bristow makes his BBP debut with the My Life EP – a funky chunk of Brit-hop that features his Super Soul Soldiers comrade in arms, rapper Benny Silver. Something of a character it seems, Silver recounts his life at three key stages – the primary school sex pest, the junkie teenager and the current thirty-something who pairs expensive trainers with pants from


Bring back the funk EP? Oh what – chicken-scratch guitar and fatback drums? Gospel vox and butter slick basslines? Well – not exactly. Let’s just say this is a party breaks release that leaves the glitch and the grind and the wobble at home and settles for good old-fashioned big-ass party breaks. Well, I say ‘settles for’…that kind of makes it sound like some sort of timid acceptance whereas the four