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SABABA 5: Funk #1 / Funk #2 (Vinyl 7″)

SABABA 5: Funk #1 / Funk #2 (Vinyl 7No resting with their feet up for Tel Aviv’s Sababa 5 following the release of their excellent self-titled LP back in the autumn for here they are again with more of their brand of atmospheric psych-funk on a new vinyl 7″ featuring the tracks Funk #1 and Funk #2. The first of these delivers swirling keyboard psychedelia over a neck-snapping drums which eventually gives way to a bit of jazzy

SABABA 5: Sababa 5 LP

SABABA 5: Sababa 5 LPRating: ★★★★★ Finally, the self-titled debut album from Sababa 5, a band so skilled they can even make atrocious 80s novelty pop hit The Birdie Song by Black Lace sound like a funky Middle Eastern psych-folk classic from the 70s – I shit you not. But if such a transformation of said track still makes you feel queasy, fear not, for it doesn’t appear on this album. What you will find however

SABABA 5: Lizarb

SABABA 5:  Lizarb…and from Big Boss Man’s Trans-Pacific Express a couple of days ago to more Eastern psych-funk with Sababa’s second single, Lizarb, off their self-titled instro album. True, it’s a mellower affair than the BBM banger but a sweet groove nonetheless. It’s all about the call-and-response intro. over an insistent cymbal pattern and then drums, bass and synth muscle in and we’re into a

WAX MACHINE: Springtime / Canto De Iemanja

WAX MACHINE: Springtime / Canto De IemanjaIt might, technically, be a very early summer release but Springtime is funky as well as folksy-psychedelic on Wax Machine’s new double A-side single ahead of the release of their self-produced Hermit’s Grove LP. I say ‘double A-side’, but it doesn’t look like this one’s taking physical form as a single so the other ‘side’ is basically a simultaneous digital release covering Vinicius De

WAX MACHINE: Guardians Of Eden

WAX MACHINE:  Guardians Of EdenThe rise of the new psychedelia continues with a new single from Wax Machine – Guardians Of Eden. The brain child of Lau Ro (born in Brazil, raised in Italy and the UK), the track draws from sixties West Coast fare as well as tropicalia and – with those vocals done tremolo style like Donovan on Hurdy Gurdy Man – a bit of sixties UK folk psych as well. Check the band image that

LES DYNAMITES: Pop Oud#2 b/w No Oud (RADIO TRIP dub mix)

Oud Les Dynamites Radio TripRating: ★★★★★ There’s a massive treat for fans of funky psychedelia right here on Les Dynamites’ new vinyl 7″ Pop Oud#2, especially if you like your grooves full of eastern promise. The track foregrounds the instrument of the title over an uptempo funky drum break and a parping bassline resulting in something that brings things get about as close as they can get to psych-funky