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RENEGADES OF JAZZ (feat. MANI DRAPER):  Look AroundSomething else to have got overlooked in the Great Monkeyboxing Php Update Disaster was this – Look Around – the most recent single from Renegades Of Jazz featuring Mani Draper. Over a suitably driving slice of original uptempo funk, the Oakland MC encourages punters to take a moment and consider the daily overload most of us are exposed to. Puts one in mind of Ferris Bueller in


THE MAENADS:  OrpheusThe Maenads is the new project from Renegades of Jazz’s David Hanke and Kabanjak’s Ingo Möll and finds the pair venturing into the territory of atmospheric breakbeat electronica with current single Orpheus. Alright, don’t lose your heads (or tear anything to pieces – thank you, I’m here all week!) – but expect instead seven plus minutes of sweeping musical grandeur as lyric-less female

LEHTO: Lovers

LEHTO: LoversIt’s been a while since the monkey heard of anything from the camp of Mr David Hanke a.k.a. Renegades Of Jazz a.k.a. Keno but here he is in yet another incarnation as Lehto with an original slice of soulful breakbeat music, Lovers. It begins in a glorious blissed-out state of grace, then gets all fired up when the drums kick in, has its moody bits, then its loud bits again and then finally