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BASSCHIMP: Kunta Kinte/ Bun Down The Lights

It says here that Basschimp is a ‘Brighton-based swinger bass-jockey’. Luckily for readers, he’s also a dj/ producer too as regulars may have noticed over the last few years. Right now, his latest release is a double helping of dancefloor-influenced breaks in the shape of Kunta Kinte and Bun Down The Lights. The first of these is apparently the more newfangled of the two

BREAKBEAT PARADISE: Breakin’ The Riddim (2017)

BREAKBEAT PARADISE:  Breakin' The RiddimRating: ★★★★★ Looks like it’s time for another themed EP from Breakbeat Paradise and no prizes for guessing that a release entitled Breakin’ The Riddim with cover art featuring a dreadlocked breakdancer entails a marriage of breakbeat and various reggae-related styles. No prizes either for guessing that it’s richer in bangers than a Walls sausage factory. Fredy High for example, heavies