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BANDERAS: Tema De Banderas b/w Banderas Mambo (Vinyl 7″)

BANDERAS:  Tema De Banderas b/w Banderas Mambo Vinyl 7For part two of ‘funky Latin stuff comes from the unlikeliest places night’ it’s time to introduce you to Matasuna Records’ new find – Banderas and their new 7″ Tema De Banderas b/w Banderas Mambo. Eleven-strong, Banderas consist of musicians, dancers and a DJ and are bound by a love of salsa, boogaloo and mambo. Nothing unlikely about that of course. Until you find out

BANDERAS: 2nd Take (2015)

2nd Take BanderasHere’s Banderas’s new one and I’m not talking about Antonio’s replacement for Melanie Griffiths. No, this is the nu-funky Banderas with two new cuts and a plethora of remixes. Handbrake opens with an aptly Formula 1 theme/ Fleetwood Mac-ish style electric bass before going all uptempo in a disco car chase manner. Meanwhile Faro plumps for the middle ground between b-boy breaks and