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KOWALSKI (a.k.a. DJTZINAS): Remixes EP (2015) Free download

Remixes KowalskiMore freebie action this New Year’s Eve Eve, with a big old barrel of bashment breaks bizniz. Kowalski: The Remixes finds Jamie Bostron, Chong X, Balkan Riddims, S Strong & Funkanizer and Bossy Ride get their sweaty mitts on Addictive and Dancehall Time off From Colorado To San Francisco by Djtzinas side project Kowalski and deliver two rerubs of the former and three of the latter

BALKAN RIDDIMS: Shout It Loud (2015)

Shout It Loud Balkan RiddimsThe star of Greek reggae/ dancehall project Balkan Riddims continues to rise as they prepare to drop Shout It Loud shortly on the Timewarp Music label. The seven track release (well, six tracks and an intro) all feature South African-raised vocalist Gobey and mixes up dancehall with digi-dub reggae vibes and occasionally a more rootsy vibe. Things kick off with spliffed-out intro – er –

BALKAN RIDDIMS feat. JAHRICIO: United (BLEND MISHKIN remix) (2015) Free download + Survival Of The Fittest UK tour

United Blend Mishkin Jahricio Balkan RiddimsNever was a message more timely than that of Balkan Riddims’ United in a week when some morons killed loads of innocent people and then some other morons have decided to respond by killing some other people – ostensibly allies of the first lot of morons (though they’re just as likely to hit a school or hospital on recent evidence) who were killing people in the first place because they’d

BALKAN RIDDIMS: Sensimilla (DJ INKO remix) (2015) Free download

Sensimilla Balkan Riddims DJ InkoBetween releases, DJ Inko likes to get busy with the edits, remixes and bootlegs. Also, as anyone who knows his work will be aware, he likes to spread his production love as widely as possible which is why lots of his work is available gratis. In this instance it’s Inko’s cheeky version of Balkan Riddims’ Sensimilla which is available for your delectation as he lights a fire under the arse of