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RED MARTINA: Come On Home (2014)

Come On Home Red MartinaRight everybody – let’s find out about Come On Home and Red Martina.
Come on home to Red Martina? Yes please! You do mean her with all the skimpy ‘scale-mail’ bikini, red hair and massive broadsword, right?
No, that’s Red Sonja. This is Red Martina and it’s ‘they’ anyway. Oh yeah and Come On Home is

RED MARTINA: Rhythm & Rhyme (2014)

Come Oh Home Red MartinaMoody piano keys and trumpets, 85 bpm break, 4 a.m. female vocals, bit of scratching, sampled 1940s-sounding vocal loop….is it 1995? Are we in Bristol? Not with a soaring orchestral-rock hook like that we’re not. But I’ll give you a clue – remove the vocals of Hayley Cass and substitute the ‘gargling with broken glass’ raps of Vinnie Paz and you’d have…Jedi Mind Tricks. This must be Red Martina then – the hip-trip-hop side project

REDMARTINA: Intransit (2013) + ‘Outside’ video

Redmartina is a new hip-hop/trip-hop project driven by the beats of a certain former producer of Philadelphia-based underground hip-hop outfit Jedi Mind Tricks. Stoupe (for it is he) a.k.a Stoupe The Enemy Of Mankind (or Kevin Baldwin to his mum) has basically masterminded the whole project, assembling Philadelphia Slick rapper Noesis, singer Hayley Cass and multi