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CMC & SILENTA: Get It On Now (2012)

The trickle becomes a stream and the stream is shortly to become a flood. I’m on about albums that broadly (let’s not get bogged down in genre politics) fall under the ‘ghetto funk’ heading. The proto ghetto funk LPs were arguably Badboe’s bass wobble free Break The Funk from 2009 and Basement Freaks’ second LP Something Freaky from early 2011. Then young upstarts Morlack and

CMC & SILENTA: Feature Breaks Vol. 3 ‘The Night Is Mine’ (2012) + video

CMC & Silenta take funky breaks to Ibiza in their house-friendly latest cut The Night Is Mine. By rights, the video to this should have revolved around a large gang of half-dressed pretty young things on “party patrol” in the centre of some Balearic-looking town and move towards either a floodlit pool or a speedboat. Probably both. Maybe it’s the non-breakbeat intro, maybe it’s Vanessa