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B.VISIBLE: Dust To Bytes (2015)

Dust To Bytes B.VisibleAnother one Dust To Bytes then as Austrian producer B.Visible succumbs to his itch to glitch and does what he does best. That’ll be by getting his hands on some old soul music, putting it through the shredder and reassembling it glitch-breaks style. It’s the first track off his new EP, Order, which features an array of glitchy electronica – that you’d mainly have trouble

B.VISIBLE: Light Shapes EP (2013) Free download

Is the audio file corrupt or is this some of that newfangled music? It’s the latter of course! B.Visible‘s back – the glitch-king of Austria – in all his skip, click and bleep glory. The Light Shapes EP sees our man exploring similar territory to his Para Batic EP from back in May – which is to say chunky, breakbeat powered glitch-tronica that manages to be both pensive and relatively upbeat

B.VISIBLE: Para Batic EP (2013)

Austrian dj/ producer B.Visible returns with his new five track Para Batic EP and if you know the Viennese villain’s previous work, you’ll know his genre of choice is glitch-hop. In fact, less a genre really, than the breakbeat equivalent of Norman Collier’s faulty microphone act. And he’s rather good at it. Indeed, he’s responsible for my favourite ever glitch-hop track – Sun No Shine which opened

B.VISIBLE: King Of My Castle (2013) Free download

King Of My Castle? Oh what – as in the Wamdue Project – “Must be a reason why I’m king of my castle/ Must be a reason why I’m free in my trapped soul”? The very same – well – not quite. Originally composed as a downtempo number the track became famous in pumping house club track format in 1997. Here, however, it is incarnated for your listening pleasure as a low 90s bpm glitch hop

SCOUR RECORDS: Scoured Cream Vol. 1 (2012)

Rating: ★★★★★
Spinforth‘s Soundcloud Scour is all grown up! Its now a record label as well as a means of saving thousands of lazy-bastard digital djs from mining soundcloud for the diamonds among the shite. This release is a bit like the free Scour really – only it’s not free. Well there’d be little point in starting a label if it was would there? You can expect the Scour traditions to be firmly upheld in

B VISIBLE: Disko Chop EP (2012)

The Riddim Fruit label deliver something a little different from their usual fare here in the shape of Austrian B Visible who ensures he’ll make an appearance on musical radars with his new journey into sound, Disko Chops. When I say ‘journey into sound’ however, I’m not referring to some Coldcut-style sampledelic trip along the audio highway so much as a well-organised four-track get together