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WOXOW feat. AWON: Can’t See Myself (Vinyl 7″)

WOXOW feat. AWON:  Can't See Myself Rating: ★★★★★ As he beavers away on his next EP, Italian producer Woxow has found time and been kind enough to knock you out a couple of sureshot hip-hop cuts ‘while-u-wait,’ as it were. That’ll be his Can’t See Myself / Mo’ Gems 45 then. The former provides NY emcee Awon the perfect summery boom-bap beat (on a ‘funky country soul’-influenced tip!) over which he encourages

HIP CUT: Hip Society

HIP CUT: Hip Society That ol’ early Shadow/ Krush sonic template continues to stand the test of time and while it might not have been flavour of the month for – oohh – at least twenty years, you can rely on there always being a few LPs a year worth a listen. Indeed, Hip Cut’s Hip Society is the second in two months, the other being DJ Moya’s II305 – and what are the chances (?) – Moya himself turns up on one of the