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MOTENKO: On Your Level (Audio premiere)

MOTENKO: On Your Level (Audio premiere)Rating: ★★★★★ It’s always a pleasure to nab a premiere but the debut single from Motenko – slo-mo, sixties-style, R&B gem On Your Level – is a particular delight, drenched as it is in piano and horns and featuring a scorching vocal turn from singer and keyboardist Micah Motenko. The band hail from Austin, TX and if that rings a bell it might be because it’s the home town of Black Pumas and

FOLD vs MOTORMOUF: Stronger Than The Evils – audio premiere

FOLD vs MOTORMOUF:  Stronger Than The Evils - audio premiereAfter a year-long hiatus, Fold return in the company of Nottingham MC and beatboxing champ Motormouf with a new single – Stronger Than The Evils. What evils? You mean the death stare that Vicky Pollard gets given a lot on in Little Britain? No, you moron! As in the multifarious evils of modern Britain – you know – corporate tax evasion, continued banking scandals, secret

DJ FORMAT: New LP ‘Statement Of Intent’ due February (2012) + promo video/audio and tracklist

DJ Format’s back hurrah! Well, soon, anyway – and it doesn’t look like he’s going to be taking any prisoners with his first full length LP since 2005’s If You Can’t Join ‘Em…Beat ‘Em. How long!? Yeah, I know – tell me about it. The fifteen track Statement Of Intent (full tracklist below) is due for a 27 February release on digital, cd and DOUBLE VINYL and looks all set to feature the usual fat-funky boom-bap business

THE SOUL SNATCHERS: Scratch My Itch (2011) Album release details

Many are those who attempt to recreate that original funky soul sound but there are few who actually manage it as well as The Soul Snatchers whose new LP Scratch My Itch is released in February. The official video preview and the soundcloud snippets of the new one (see below) would suggest you can expect plenty of ‘huh’, quite a lot of ‘uhh’ and a bit of ‘get down!’ along with fat horns, wah-wah chops and big breaks. Anyone who’s heard their track People

TOM CARUANA presents: ‘Black Gold’ Wu-Tang vs. Jimi Hendrix – Free download album (2011) + instrumentals

Rating: ★★★★★ It’s a legal minefield on this one as Tom Caruana continues his mash-up series and trumps both his Beatles/ Wu Tang and Okayplayer/ Bollywood efforts with a Jimi/ Wu soundclash. According to TC, “it features 2 exclusive tracks from Wu Tang affiliates Gab Gotcha & Young Dirty Bastard (ODB’s son)

DANIEL WANDERS & TOBIAS KIRMAYER PRESENT: Feeling Nice (Tramp Records)(2011) + tracklist

Rating: ★★★★★
There’s a rich irony to be enjoyed in the fact that the word ‘rare’ is one of the commonest words in the titles or subtitles of funk compilations. However, since Daniel Wanders and Tobias Kirmayer have come up with 12 hot dancefloor cuts for Feeling Nice that haven’t already been compiled to within an inch of their lives (far from it, in fact) you can take these two very much at their word when they say ‘rare.’

THE BEEKEEPERS: ‘Apiculture’ – Album preview + Audio – 2011

Bristol beat luminaries Boca 45 and Parker a.k.a. The Beekeepers finally make good their promise to deliver a full length album, Apiculture, in the wake of this year’s moody Ascending Change EP and their debut party-banger effort the Bee Funk EP from 2009.

As you might expect Apiculture is packed to the gills with offerings of both kinds i.e. moodiness and party-bangers.

BEASTIE BOYS: Hot Sauce Committee Part 2 – Album review + Audio – 2011

It’s a couple of years late but the Beasties are finally back. Is there anyone else who’s been in the hip-hop game as long as they have who still garners this much hype on the eve of a release? To date they haven’t released a single duff hip-hop album and their last hip-hop release (2005’s To The 5 Boroughs) was a superb effort. On the other hand

FOREIGN LEGION: ‘Night Moves’ + tracklist – 2011

Even more delayed than the Beastie Boys Hot Sauce Committee Part 2 fellow true-schoolers Foreign Legion finally release ‘difficult third’ album, Night Moves on 12 April this year.

Full-Time B-Boy was the big underground banger that broke them (in the UK at least) at the turn of the millenium

OBIE TRICE: ‘Special Reserve’ LP – album release details + stream LP

Okey dokey – Obie’s here (again) with a new LP. Let’s hope it’s got some teeth eh? You can stream it HERE.
Returning with his first LP since his departure from Shady Records (where he was one of the label’s top selling artists), Obie Trice readies a new street LP, Special Reserve, which finds him collaborating solely with rising producer MoSS.
With a very strong fanbase, a strong presence on commercial radio and having sold in excess of 1.5 million albums to date (including the certified Platinum Cheers), Special Reserve is a departure from Obie’s typical sound, as a wide range of gritty audio mosaics are provided by MoSS, as he continues to not only raise his profile, but the bar he’s set from his previous work with Raekwon, Ghostface, Joell Ortiz, Joe Budden, AZ, Slum Village, Havoc, Kool G Rap, KRS-One/Buckshot etc. MoSS is also the first producer signed to the legendary DJ Premier’s “Works of Mart” production company.
Obie Trice’s Special Reserve will be released on 12-15-09.
Tracklisting/ credits – Obie Trice – Special Reserve:
1.) Welcome
2.) Got Hungry
3.) You’ve Been Slain
4.) On & On
5.) I Am
6.) 4 Stories
7.) Roughnecks f/Deuce Wonder
8.) Cool Cat
9.) What You Want
10.) Jack My Dick
11.) Dope, Jobs, Homeless (alternate take / Bonus Song)
***All Tracks Produced by MoSS

Obie Trice – Myspace