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ATMA feat. JUS ALLAH & LONE NINJA: Supernatural (Prod. BLAQ MASQ) (2017)

Looks like Chris Read and Pugz Atomz drops aren’t the only ones this month that you wait ages for and then two come along at once since here’s a second Lone Ninja appearance hot on the heels of his recent work with Kure. Once again, the mic mercenary guests on an Atma cut with former Jedi Mind Tricks man Jus Allah. Are we in horrorcore territory? Let me see now – creepy John

ATMA feat. CHIEF KAMACHI & LONE NINJA: The Portal Of The Immortals (Prod. JEDRAPRIN) (2015)

Portal Of The Immortals AtmaJedaprin‘s beat for Atma‘s new one opens with portentous bells and promptly goes heavy on the epic orchestral human voice samples. It’s exactly what you’d expect of a track called The Portal Of The Immortals though it does tend to remind you of Carl Orff’s O Fortuna a.k.a the classic Old Spice theme. Not that that’s ever held back the likes of Jedi Mind Tricks and Ill Bill which is very much the

ATMA feat. LONE NINJA: Hellish Blades (prod. VHERBAL INDUSTRIES) (2015)

Hellish Blades Atma Lone NinjaGot a new underground hip-hop LP coming out this summer? With a nice gritty Vherbal Industries beat on there called Hellish Blades which has only half finished vocals? You want to hire yourself a ninja. A Lone Ninja to be precise. And so it is that shortly after popping out of the studio to leave a scroll of instructions and a down payment somewhere in Brooklyn, Atma of Masta Buildas