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STREET FUNKER: May label launch (2015) + ASTROFUNKS ‘Jumping Crazy’ preview

Street Funker AstrofunksLabels not feeling your shit? Start your own! Welcome to the world of Mr Joe Peach whose very own Street Funker label hits the – er – streets running in May this year. The Sheffield-based label’s stated remit is to put out the work of the best artists from all over the globe, whether previously signed or not. The first EP will be out in just over a month and the plan is to leak one track

CALAGAD 13: Back To Power (Astrofunks Astro Edit)(2014) Free download

Funk Power Astro FunksAstrofunks‘ debut label release is in the offing and what better way to drum up some interest than by the time-honoured method of doing a freebie? In this case it’s their unofficial remix of Calagad 13’s James Brown-based 2011 cut Back To The Power where they go heavy on the 80s-style drum machine snares, throw in a bit of Ultramagnetics’ Poppa Large and nick a sample