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Fire EP Renegades Of Jazz AspectsFire is the first single off forthcoming LP Paradise Lost from ‘northern jazz’ don Renegades Of Jazz. Turns out he’s enlisted fallen rap angels, Aspects for mic duties and they employ their impressive powers of rhyme and rhetoric to spread the commandments of the adversary – you know – thou shalt add an ‘l’ to the end of any word ending in a vowel, thou shalt drink scrumpy and only

ASPECTS: ‘See No Evil’ mixtape (2012) video

Well, I don’t think this has been getting enough love. Bristol’s finest hip-hop export Aspects make a triumphant rise from the ashes of – well – Aspects. This video shot against the backdrop of Bristol’s mighty “See No Evil” block party back in August sees the band in what is tantamount to a Foreign Beggars-like re-invention of themselves. Except that Foreign Beggars didn’t disband and

ASPECTS: BeaTTape (2011) – Free download

Hello…Bristol-based hip-hop crew Aspects are back with a free download produced by their old buddy DJ Format. Cue a fat and funky neck-snap bassline and a crashing hi-hat-saturated break. Lest you should doubt that the boys’ English is still correct, leading the vocal charge is El Eye himself – Ian ‘Dirty’ Merchant (“I’ll eat your features like a Jeeper Creepers creature/ And then delete you quicker than a friend request from Mika”)