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ASIAN HAWK: Shining (Video)

ASIAN HAWK:  Shining (Video)Stand by to be wowed once more by the turntable soul antics of former UK DMC champion, Asian Hawk with new track Shining. What?! Hotels built on Native American burial grounds, the thing in Room 237 and evil twins with fringes? Whoahh their, soldier! I said Shining not The Shining. This is an altogether more uplifting affair as Hawk’s voice soars on an updraft of scratch-drenched neo

ASIAN HAWK: ‘I Am Asian Hawk’ video (2017)

https://monkeyboxing.com/content/asian-hawk-asian-hawk-2017/Asian Hawk bests his recent Turntable Soul video for DJ City with new one I Am Asian Hawk. Once again, the track features Mr Love providing his impressive USP combo of effortless soul vocals whilst simultaneously demonstrating turntable and controller dexterity – this time on a Guzheng-featuring beat. Also, once again, the video finds our man in the studio working his magic – possibly

ASIAN HAWK: ‘Turntable Soul’ video (2017)

We’ve all seen Rahzel and the like sing soul whilst simultaneously engaging in that secondary element of hip-hop, beatboxing, to the extent that such antics are ten-a-penny now. But when was the last time you saw anyone sing soul whilst engaging in the primary hip-hop element of turntablism? Thought so. Enter 5 X UK DMC champion, Asian Hawk, who coolly knocks out