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JOE FARRELL/ ARTIFACTS: Upon This Rock (MR FANTASTIC edit)/ Whassup Now Muthafucka(Vinyl 7″)

The original release of saxophonist Joe Farrell’s funky jazz-rock epic Upon This Rock from 1974 is around twelve minutes long and takes a good three and a half minutes of ‘fusion’-style farting about before it even gets funky – though when it does get funky, it gets very funky indeed. So much so in fact that Artifacts, Method Man, Common, Redman and Kanye West have all plundered the track for their own beats at

BLACK FLOWER: Artifacts (2017)

artifacts-black-flowerYou probably wouldn’t have thought the sound of Ethio-jazz would be alive and well in Belgium but then again, after everything that happened globally last year, surprising things might have lost the element of – well – surprise. And so it is that should you be looking for the spirits of Mulatu Astatke and Fela Kuti all mixed into the pot with some eastern scales, a bit of rock and dub and a

FOUL MOUTH JERK: ‘The Oldest Trick In The Book’ LP + ‘Back Up On The Scene’ (feat Artifacts) free download + video

What do you mean you ain’t heard of Foul Mouth Jerk? Never mind – the North Carolina rapper’s fifth (yeah he’s been around a while – “Straight crazy, born-loser like a AIDS baby…Spitting since the late 80s”) album dropped recently and the fact is – you should have been all over that shit already. Clearly a man who understands that hip-hop does not mean rapping over Euro-house beats, Jerk keeps his beats fat and his rhymes gully. Just check out the dirty funk-soul-based ruffness of cuts like Save Ya Breath.