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FORT KNOX FIVE: 10 Years Of Fort Knox Five Remixed (2013) + ‘We Love To Bring Back The Funk’ free download

How’s this for a plan: you get fifteen of the finest bass n breaks producers to remix fifteen of your finest tracks from ten years of adventures in the world of party breaks production and assemble them in ascending order of bpm? This, ladies and gentlemen, is precisely what the mighty Fort Knox Five have lined up for release in ten days time on their own (what else?) Fort Knox Recordings label

KABANJAK: Echoes In The Night (2013)

Echoes in the night? I get a few of them around my way. There one is – peaceably enjoying the evening – when suddenly the silence is shattered by something along the lines of “leave it Dave, he’s not worth it!” reverberating along the road. After midnight on weekends, anyway. There’s nothing to harsh your mellow on Kabanjak‘s new full-length effort though