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ZAMALI: The Rebirth (2014)

The Timewarp Music nufunk tree has flowered early this year it seems with Belgian beatsmith Zamali‘s The Rebirth EP which yields five original instros and three remixes. Two of these remixes focus on the filtered guitar ‘n organ ‘n breaks of opener Funky Rotator but spin off in different directions. Apedroid plays up the more programmed aspects while Mister T emphasises

ANATOLY ICE feat. DARIYA: Whatcha Tryin To Do To Me/ Tell Me Tell Me (2013)

Russian funk – it’s not bad. Interestingly, the music on both tracks has been created from samples and then beefed up since dj/producer Anatoly Ice didn’t have a live band handy when he needed to scratch that funk itch. Then (because, for some reason, black sixties gospel singers from Muscle Shoals are also in short supply in the Federation) he got the