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DILATED PEOPLES feat. ALOE BLACC: Show Me The Way (prod. JAKE ONE)(2014) + video

Show Me The Way Dilated PeoplesHot on the heels of previous single (the Premier-produce Good As Gone) comes…why – another single! This time around West Coast underground legends Dilated Peoples do the do atop the Jake One-produced Show Me The Way featuring a hook sung by one Aloe Blacc – presumably in need of a dollar or if not – at least aiming to help Rakaa, Evidence and Babu get hold of a few. This time

DJ NU-MARK feat. ALOE BLACC & CHARLES BRADLEY: Don’t Play Around (Broken Sunlight Series 6) (2013) Free download + ‘Broken Sunlight’ album update

Don’t Play Around is the final single off album Broken Sunlight from former Jurassic 5 dj/ producer Nu-Mark. And he’s clearly a man to heed his own advice on this solid slice of boom-bap soul, employing not one but two heavyweight voices and simultaneously uniting two generations of soul brothers in the form of Aloe Blacc and Charles Bradley. Blacc delivers a Stevie Wonder-like melody

MONKEYBOXING.COM top ten albums 2010

(Monkeyboxing top ten tracks 2010 HERE) Man – who listens to albums any more? The mp3 playlist has pretty much killed off listening to an LP all the way through, consigning filler to the bin and crowning the single king again after a fifty year gap. Having said that, there were a few efforts out there this year that kept your finger off the skip button: