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MUSTAFA AKBAR: Get Down Wit ItNappy Riddem vocalist and sometime Fort Knox Five collaborator Mustafa Akbar strikes out on his own shortly with new single Get Down Wit It, inviting all who will join him (a fair few I’d imagine) to engage in a spot of bass-heavy, twenty-first century update of eighties funk. Such is Get Down Wit It which features muted guitars, swirling synths, insistent drums and the kind of

ALL GOOD FUNK ALLIANCE: Varied Funk (2015)

Varied Funk AGFANo messing around with cryptic titles for All Good Funk Alliance on new one, Varied Funk; they do what they say and they say what they bloody well do. Well kind of. Opener Funk This Jam features Trouble Funk legend Big Tony and updates the go-go sound with some rather house-y stylings while Do Work finds AGFA nodding to classic Motown soul beats and tempos – though the presence of

ALL GOOD FUNK ALLIANCE: Pop It (AGFA vs. JM Jackmaster) (2013) Free download

“If disco makes you move, this should make you groove” claims an early lyric in this All Good Funk Alliance re-edit of JM Jackmaster‘s Pop It (with some justification, it has to be said) as the stateside production team work their magic on the Dutchman’s number. Squelching synths, fuzzy funk guitars and a bedrock of solid neo-disco percussion all vye with lyrics urging one to, “Pop whatcha got,”

PEDIGREE CUTS: Pedigree Cuts Remixed! (2013)

It’s that Pedigree Cuts lot again. No not the dog grooming service from County Durham – they’re hardly likely to put out a twenty-two strong remix compilation are they? I’m referring to Skeewiff‘s label of course. Twenty-two remixes? Have they got that many? Man, you don’t know the half of it – this is just the best of the recent ones. In fact this mainly consists of much of Skeewiff’s recent Man

OMEGAMAN: El O’Man Boogaloo (2013)

Inveterate breakbeat remixer Omegaman (not to be confused with the similarly-named 1971 Charlton Heston flick) is just about to drop this pleasant slice of original neo-boogaloo entitled El O’Man Boogaloo – a release on which he has hooked up with All Good Funk Alliance, Skeewiff and Mo Horizons on a remix tip. And made sure you get the instros of all the above. Which has to beat haring around a deserted post-apocalyptic L.A.

EMPRESARIOS: El Sonido Magico Remixed (2013)

What with it being half a year down the line from the release of EmpresariosEl Sonido Magico, it’s remix o’clock and a dirty baker’s dozen of producers have been assembled to show entrepreneurial innovation with the stems of the magic sound of Fort Knox Recordings‘ purveyors of tropicaliente. Which means that G Flux, Fort Knox Five, Omegaman, Bobby C Sound TV, All Good Funk

THE ALL GOOD FUNK ALLIANCE: Sock It To The Man – 2009 – EP review

Rating: ★★☆☆☆

Whatever wellsprings of funk AGFA draw inspiration from they’re not the same as mine. If consuming programmed squelchy disco-influenced beats is your thing you’ll probably be all over this like a rash, the more so if you like your programmed squelchy disco-influenced beats to be especially bland. If, like me, you feel you could achieve a superior result by listening to house music while bathing with your head underwater, periodically trying to alleviate the tedium by thumping the side of the tub to add syncopation and letting out an occasional fart to simulate synth effects – you won’t. Thus I find myself hugely at variance with a range of ‘nu-funk’ scene luminaries quoted on the press release. Who will save me from these turbulent disco pedlars? Where are The Snugs for Christ’s sake?
(Out now on Super Hi Fi)

Listen to The All Good Funk Alliance – Sock It To The man EP

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