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ALEXIS EVANS: Let Them LooseRating: ★★★★★ Bordeaux got soul! Say hello to Alexis Evans whose new long player, Yours Truly, debuts on 3 February. Before that however is new single Let Them Loose and hot damn if our man doesn’t fully unleash the funk. The track opens with massive squelchy wah-wah motif that nods to funk standard Simple Song before going into full New

ALEXIS EVANS: I Made A Deal With Myself (Vinyl 7″)

ALEXIS EVANS: I Made A Deal With Myself (Vinyl 7The contemporary northern soul scene has apparently been crying out for a 45 release of Alexis Evans’ I Made A Deal With Myself off recent album I’ve Come A Long Way. And since no self-respecting northern soul DJ would dare to play album vinyl at a gig and because Record Kicks aim to please their target market – there was only one possible solution – press up a 300-run limited 45

ALEXIS EVANS: I Made A Deal With Myself + video

ALEXIS EVANS:  I Made A Deal With Myself + videoRecord Kicks’ new boy is the Anglo-French Alexis Evans and the label’s just released the video of his jaunty album-teasing northern soul-flavoured I Made A Deal With Myself. Deal with yourself eh, Alexis? And the nature of said deal? Oh, it’s to do with the missus – it’s over! Right? But how to represent such a matter in audio-visual format? Maybe you stick your earphones in when she starts