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WHIRLWIND D feat. LEWIS PARKER & SPECIFIK: Lucky Number (Vinyl 7″)

WHIRLWIND D feat. LEWIS PARKER Lucky NumberWho’s this blowing through with new hip-hop 45 Lucky Number on which bars are unleashed over a beat evoking the soundtrack from a 70s mystery flick? Why it’s Whirlwind D with no less than Lewis Parker in the slipstream! What’s that boys? Lucky Number is an ironic title? Ah right – I’ve got you – so like when the shit unexpectedly hits the fan on an epic scale? Maybe like when you tell people

SIR BEANS OBE: Part Of It (feat. KELZ)/ DEF=Defeat Evil Fools (feat. ZAEB DUST, BLAKTRIX & MEDUSA)(Vinyl 7″)

SIR BEANS OBE: Part Of ItIt’s been a while since the monkey’s heard from Sir Beans OBE but new beats from Bristol’s veteran knight of  production are always welcome. The first side of this 45 finds fellow Bristolian and former 3PM rapper Kelz holding forth atop one of Beans’ trademark dusty breaks with jazzy trimmings while on the flip side it’s time to get DEF (as in Defeat Evil Fools) via an equally classy

FABREEZE BROTHERS (Paul Nice & Phill Most Chill): LP sampler (2014)

Fabreeze Brothers LP samplerRating: ★★★★★ The full length Fabreeze Brothers LP is due soon but just to get you champing at the bit, a four track wax LP sampler characterised by Paul Nice‘s minimal, funky, MPC-n-samples-based beats and Phill Most Chill‘s lyrical acrobatics is on the way first. Golden Crown is PMC’s semi-biography of a crate-digger while The Break Down uses Led Zep’s When The Levee Breaks – er

JORUN PMC: Magic Disco Machine EP (2013)

Rating: ★★★★★ Now I know you’re thinking ‘I’ve seen that style of cover art a few times this year.’ And you’d be right. That’s because the man behind it is Phill Most Chill. He’s had one or two releases out this year, all of them with different producers yet all with a certain homogeneity. One reason for this is because Phill doesn’t seem to be most chill unless he gets fast beats for his fast raps. Another seems

PHILL MOST CHILL & MR FANTASTIC: Superfunk Inc./ The Most Fantastic (2013)

Rating: ★★★★★
Holy US emcee/ UK producer team-up! It’s dynamic duo Phill Most Chill and Mr Fantastic with more fast rap. Well on one side at least. Side? Yep. Vinyl. Black and the full twelve inches. Sounds rude. A bit like Phill and Fanta’s 120 bpm adventure into b-boy-friendly, blaxploitation car-chase sampling, hip-hop – and it’s the second bit of PMC action already

TRUCK: Able To Stable/ How That Sound? (2012)

How about some UK boom-bap then? This release finds Truck deliver his lyrical freight over two beats with more crunch than an eighteen-wheeler reversing over your shins. Former Numskullz rapper Rola supplies the first beat for Able To Stable going large on the digi horns as Truck bigs up the pair’s ability to deliver beat and rhyme stability. The second beat for How That Sound? comes courtesy of Mr Fantastic (who also