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ADIDAS Skateboarding: Silas Baxter-Neal pro shoe + Gonz track top

Another summer update from the skate wing of global giant Adidas finds Silas Baxter-Neal getting his own shoe which (along with the other new drops) retains the company’s recent penchant for subtle colourways. The Eldridge Superstar, for example, gets the colours reversed from the first version and the Busenitz soccer cleat turns up in a nice red wine colour leaving the yellow stripes on the Gonz as the brightest splash of colour anywhere. Talking of Gonz – check out his new retro bad-boy track top in it’s two different colour schemes…

ADIDAS: Skateboarding 2010 website + 2010 Spring shoes

Yeah – so I got the heads up the other day that the 2010 Adi webby was all go – and so it is. Not vastly different to the old Adi webby, it has to be said, you can of course check product as before…

…those early-90s style Pete Eldridge Superstars above for example – or these resurrected ‘Skates’ – fresh from the 70s archive…

…Adidas also continue their campaign to deny me a black and white cup sole Campus as the vulcanised version and the footy-influenced Busenitz appear to still be going strong…

…plus there are some new t shirts (admittedly not all as sombre as these) and flannel shirts and hoodies. Oh yeah – and there’s also a fair bit of downloady goodness including footage of the team in SF, all new rider, interviews, an ad archive, and more.
P.s. If anyone from Adidas Originals is reading this – I wonder if I might trouble you to persuade the powers that be to do a Franz Beckenbauer tracktop in Black and grey or black and gold. Just a thought…

Adidas Skateboarding

ADIDAS SKATEBOARDING: Pete Eldridge joins the team

Cool – a new Pete Eldridge signature Superstar shoe. Would that be white with three navy black stripes by any chance?…
With skills and style and a long history of rocking adidas, Pete Eldridge is the new addition to the adidas Skateboarding team. Pete’s been on a mission recently to destroy everything in his path – including his recent Mystery video part, his performance at both Tampa Pro and the Maloof Money Cup, and his part in the adidas European video, Diagonal. There are big things in store for Pete at adidas Skateboarding, including his first signature color way shoe, dropping in 2010. It’s a Pete staple, none other than the Superstar, a shoe Pete has been skating in since way back in the day. His first adidas ad is running this month in fine skate publications and a new feature just launched on the adidas skateboarding website, welcoming him to the team.

ADIDAS Skateboarding: Summer 2009 (pt. 2)

Here you go then – the latest Superstar that wasn’t featured in the first monkeyboxing.com feature about Adidas’ summer ’09 drop. It has to be said that the monkey’s not really feeling the black/ ‘electricity’/ lead colourway nor the see-through sole.
Also, Adidas’ first full-length skate vid. Diagonal is now fully stream-able on the site HERE and features performances from a host of Euro skaters including the UK’s very own Chewy Cannon as well as guest appearances from Gonz – among others.
And finally – how about this – there is a skate version of the Campus with a cup sole after all. Don’t bother looking on the Adidas skate site though nor the Adidas Originals section of the online store. Oh no. “But, then in which exclusive sneaker boutique or hardcore underground skate store may I avail myself of a pair?” you ask. The answer my friends is blowing in the cyber-wind – these Campus’s appear to be exclusive to chav chain JD Sports. What’s up with that?

ADIDAS Skateboarding: Summer 2009

I just can’t keep up sometimes – are some of these drops more limited than others? How do Adidas decide? Some of my usual sources didn’t even receive the last one and it only seems like five seconds since that spring stuff was out anyway. This time around there’s a Campus Vulc, a Campus Vulc high top and continuing his trade mark black, white, orange colour (previously seen on his Superstar model), Dennis Busenitz gets a new shoe. One word of advice – you might want to try the actual shoe on rather than just order over the internet and expect your size to fit like your last pair did. I’ve seen three different drops of the same shoe all with significant size variations quite visible to the naked eye. Adidas’s customer service response…“Please be aware, different introductions of the same range, may vary in mould sizes, but will still meet the required specification and measurements for sizing. We always recommend customers try (sic) product on.” Word to that.

ADIDAS SKATE: Spring 2009 Collection

Here is a timely reminder (as if it were needed) that Adidas drop some of the dopest footwear in existence. It is also a reminder that the fact that you produce dope footwear is not a guarantee that you will produce dope clothing. I first saw pics of the kicks below last summer, so you just know that Adidas have already got a summer and autumn 2009 range in the starting blocks and probably a winter 2010 one too. There are a couple more colourways on the new look Adidas Skateboarding site in blues and whites which suggest they might have twigged that subtlety sells better than some of the more ‘experimental’ (read uglier than the back end of the back end of a particularly garish bus) colourways of recent years. As for the Gonz stuff, he clearly feels that 1989 was a real high point in skate fashion. As someone who remembers what say – Christian Hosoi and Mark Antony Gator were wearing at the time I can clarify that the only way in which the words ‘1989’ and ‘high point in skate fashion’ would come together in the same sentence is in the sentence ‘1989 was not a high point in skate fashion.’


ADIDAS SKATE – Aaron Horkey Superstar Vulc

The latest Superstar skate shoe from Adidas is this fresh little number with a vulcanised sole featuring some artistic flourishes from Burlesque Design-contributing geezer Aaron Horkey on the uppers. It’s got glow-in-the dark elements and everything, too, so that muggers with taste can more accurately gauge when to jump you in poor light. Out – like – whenever. Or next month. Maybe.
Image source and original heads up – Complex Magazine blog