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Bring Back The Funk Vol. 2 BBPRating: ★★★★★ And so it is that Badboe’s label Breakbeat Paradise Recordings brings back the funk (of the nu- and ghetto- varieties) for Vol. 2. By way of showing that this is a drop that means business we open with the return of Funktomas who provides a master-class in how to make ghetto funk with this pumping and downright nasty wobble edit of DJ Kool’s Let Me Clear My Throat. J-

AD N KUTS: Funkin Fresh Summer 2013/14 Mixtape (2013) Free download

It’s that crazy-ass duo Ad N Kuts on the – er – cut again with their Funkin Fresh Summer 2013/14 Mixtape. Summer?! But it’s winter surely? Not in their hemisphere it ain’t and stop calling me Shirley. Yes, these two are from a place down under where water also swirls the other way into plugholes, the ute isn’t a group of young bloods in hoodies but something you drive around in and

AD ‘N’ KUTS (ADITUP & DASTARDLY KUTS): Free downloads (2013)

Fuck Marvel Team-Ups (again), Brisbane bad boys Aditup and Dastardly Kuts have joined forces for some double-action, breakbootybass-hop earhole-penetration as Ad ‘N’ Kuts. They humbly describe themselves as, “two pundits of bodaciously bad bootlegs and coma-inducing dj sets…set to take the world by a shit storm of played out samples and wack as fuck production techniques” before