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GANGRENE feat. ACTION BRONSON: Driving Gloves (2015) Video

Driving gloves Gangrene Action BronsonI’ll be the first to admit that I may not treat a hire car quite as carefully as I treat my own. I might hammer it on the acceleration and brakes, I might not give quite so much of a shit how much sand I get in it and yes, in younger days, have been tempted to pull the odd ‘donut’ on gravel. But that’s not even foreplay compared to what Gangrene (a.k.a Alchemist and Oh No) and

DJ ROAST BEATZ: Luxury Boom Bap (2015)

Luxury Boom Bap DJ Roast BeatzRoast Beatz finally makes good on the promise implicit in all those drops over the last few years to deliver a full-length album which comes out shortly on Badboe’s Breakbeat Paradise label. The pair of them should probably get someone they both know to write the PR blah for that…

(PRESS RELEASE) With his sophomore album, DJ

DJ ROAST BEATZ: Heavy Ear Play EP (2013)

Roast Beatz garners some impressive allies to drop verbals on his Heavy Ear Play EP in the form of Action Bronson and Stig Of The Dump. NY rapper Bronson appears on no fewer than two cuts – the first (and title) track along with Stig and Brotherman and closer 5 Star General in the company of Phoenix Da Icefire. Just as well our man’s up to the job right? Evidence of this can be

INSPECTAH DECK, 7L & ESOTERIC: Czarface (2013)

It’s the return of comic-book/ gangster film-inspired backpack rap everybody! Thrill to the boom, gasp at the bap as swathes of fanboys come out of retirement and shake the moths from their Carhartts and Eastpaks. Czarface finds core Wu-Tang member Inspectah Deck team up with a pair of the Boston underground’s finest – 7L & Esoteric – for a fourteen track album-length

KOASTE: Southern & Boozy (2012) Free download

The Purist‘s orchestral soul beat for his collabo with Action Bronson, Northern & Roozy, gets flipped by south coast UK rapper Koaste here for something a little more southern. And boozy. Whilst it may be acceptable in the United States to get ‘roozy’ – i.e. drive around for the sole purpose of smoking marijuana thus becoming a menace to pedestrians and road users alike – over this side of the pond