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MONKEYBOXING.COM presents: Filthy Rhythm, Dirty Soul Vol. 3 (2013) Free download

Filthy rhythm? Dirty soul? If you haven’t got ’em you want them. If you’ve got them you’ll want more. So here it is then – monkeyboxing.com’s annual treat – Filthy Rhythm, Dirty Soul: Vol. 3 – a free unmixed ‘mixtape’ celebration of some of the biggest bangers (and not a few of the monkey’s favourite cuts) from the last twelve months of FUNK, SOUL, HIP-HOP, PARTY BREAKS and REGGAE

FUNKONAMI1 & ABTOMIC: Bedrock’s Swing/ (2012) Free download

Greeks get ancient here as Athenian producers Funkonami1 and Abtomic collaborate for mellow swing-bass cut Bedrock’s Swing. Yeah that’s right – meet the ‘Swingstones’ – for in this case using Flintstones music is precisely what these two do. Or rather ‘yabba dabba doo’. Obviously this ought to be played on a Stone-ton turntable with a Shure M-44-woodpecker-beak stylus but you’ll have to make

ABTOMIC: Guiro Bombas EP (2012) Free download

Greek producer Abtomic drops his second EP of latin breaks goodies for free and – uh – I’m still not sure why he’s unsigned. More organic sounding and a bit mellower than some current latin breaks efforts Guiro Bombas is redolent of tropical heat, with a suggestion of everything from lazy afternoon siestas to parties on the beach and Orishas ceremonies in the jungle after dark. It’s the very thing Dr John would come up with if he

ABTOMIC: Tropicalholic EP + Vanilla Soul (2012) free download

Here’s up-and-coming Athenian producer Abtomic for the third time in less than thirty days with yet more free goodness in the shape of the Tropicalholic EP. It contains both his free banger Yolanda from last month and another three equally dope cuts to go with it though I’ve got a particular soft spot for Oriza. It’s a golden era for latin breaks at the minute and I personally can’t get enough of them

ABTOMIC: Yolanda (2012) free download

Rating: ★★★★★
Another great slice of freely downloadable latin beats from Greece which has all but cornered the market in the ‘authentic breakbeat sound of South America’. Last week it was Stelios Strong, this time it’s the Athens-based Abtomic who’s conjured Yolanda from cumbia samples and breaks. Wack this on at sunset, after getting the