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DJ FILTHY RICH: A Clan Called Wu – Enter The Marauders (A Blendtape by DJ Filthy Rich)

DJ FILTHY RICH: A Clan Called Wu - Enter The Marauders (A Blendtape by DJ Filthy Rich)Another mixtape inside a week and from DJ Filthy Rich again to boot? Whatever is going on? Well, like the monkey keeps saying, so many release submissions come in, there’s only time and space for the dopest mixtapes and is it the monkey’s fault that Mr Rich decides to put out two such entities so close together? No indeed, and you will be thankful when you hear – deep breath – A Clan

A TRIBE CALLED QUEST: 1nce Again (RHYTHM SCHOLAR AtariFunk 8-Bit Remix)

The summer holidays are over, a new cycle of academic rigor begins again and what better time to welcome back Rhythm Scholar, eh students? And his role this term is both to (re)familiarise you with the classics and experiment with creating something new from said classics. Now then, what’s all that bleeping? I do hope someone hasn’t got a phone out. Oh it’s you Mr Scholar – sorry I

A TRIBE CALLED QUEST: Bonita Applebum (RHYTHM SCHOLAR Remix) (2016) Free download

bonita-applebum-rhythm-scholar-remixRhythm Scholar works his magic on yet another hip-hop cut, indeed – yet another ATCQ cut – in this case his remix of Phife, Tip and co’s 1990 homage to the high-school fox of the title, Bonita Applebum. The vox and that sitar riff are all present and correct and the break is similar to the original albeit with more layers. After that though we’re off to the land of 80s soul with sparse piano

K.SABROSO: Tribe Called Quantic ‘The Terrapin Scenario’ (2012) Free download

Another slamming b-boy hip-hop remix for you in a week or so full of them. K. Sabroso (him, again) acknowledges the sources of his mash-up by attributing the track to ‘A Tribe Called Quantic’ and naming it The Terrapin Scenario. Of course old-fashioned people who can read and were alive when the constituent parts of this were originally released will be able to divine in an instant the sort of thing

Q-TIP – Listen to THE RENAISSANCE LP – Released 4 November 2008

Yeah – so Tip’s got a new LP out. It’s only been nearly ten years since Amplified’s patchy brilliance and actually ten years since the last A Tribe Called Quest LP! Tip handles most of his own production though Mark Ronson (surprise, surprise) sorts out one track and J Dilla (even less of a surprise) has applied his handiwork to one track two others. But is there anything to match Vivrant Thing on an LP that features D’Angelo and Norah Jones? Have a listen and judge for yourself – single Gettin Up is out now.

Q-Tip – Myspace