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BEATS & CULTURE: Snake Pit (Stove Mix)(JUNGLE FIRE) b/w Lokums & Matches (PALOV & A. ANGELIDES)(Vinyl 7″)

The second of two dope sevens from the new collaboration between the Beats & Culture Youtube channel and Melting Records is this – a 45 featuring L.A. outfit Jungle Fire on the one side and Athenian producer Palov and his guitar-toting homie A.Angelides on the flip. The former provides the spaghetti Western-tinged rootsy dub of Snake Pit (The Stove Mix) an appropriately hypnotic and

PALOV meets A ANGELIDES: He Hecho Mucho Por Ti (2017)

PALOV meets A ANGELIDES: He Hecho Mucho Por TiHe Hecho Mucho Por Ti is the Spanish title of the new ‘Palov meets A Angelides’ mini-album – or as it runs in English, “I’ve Done Plenty Of Things For You,” almost as if in answer to the question, ‘What have the Greeks ever done for us?’ And if that sounds a bit like a Monty Python sketch, consider the absurdity of its having been Greeks who’ve been behind a significant amount of