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ANDY TAYLOR: Kitschy Jungle b/w Broken Flute (RESENSE 044)(7″ Vinyl) (2017)

ANDY TAYLOR:  Kitschy Junge b/w Broken Flute (RESENSE 044)The season for giving is upon us and, with as timely an appearance as ever, the Resense edits label makes one of its periodic and always worthwhile gifts for your earholes with new seven inch – Resense 44 a.k.a Kitschy Jungle b/w Broken Flute from Mr Andy Taylor – last seen supplying the goods for Resense 33 four whole years ago. Far from being an excessively garish slice of drum

LA MAMBANEGRA: La Mamba Te Invita (2016) 7″ and video

la-mamba-te-invita-laIt’s got more energy and colour than an upturned kick-drum full of branded, fruit-flavoured confectionary – say hello to La Mambanegra’s video for new single La Mamba Te Invita on which they invite you to get downright latin funky with the salsa breaks. The band, who hail from Colombia, haul the 70s sound of Fania Records bang up to date with an injection of hip-hop and

COMMON: ‘Resurrection’ 7″ (2015)

Resurrection Common seven inchIf you were to re-press a Common track on 45 – you couldn’t pick one with a better name than Resurrection, the title track from Common’s 1994 LP back when he was known as Common Sense. But hang on – it’s not one of Common’s dreaded Mr Loverman raps is it? Fear not – it’s a reassuringly cringe-free slice of lyrical free association. Incidentally, you’re not actually

MR JASON: Mr Jason Has A Posse (DJ FORMAT remix) 7 inch (2015)

Mr Jason Has A Posse DJ Format 7 inchMr Jason’s Mr Jason Has A Posse originally featured on his 2011 Frankensteez LP and then in remix format (courtesy of – er – DJ Format) on 2012’s Son Of Frankensteez EP. By definition, a ‘posse cut’ is four or more rappers on a ‘joint’ although clearly for Mr Jason any track with a mere four rappers is some sort of ‘pussy’ cut. Why? Because the Porn Theater Ushers dj/

DOPEGEMS: ‘Journey To The Shore’ 7 inch (2012)

James Brown might have invented funk but some, like George Clinton, took the idea and ran with it to the very edge of pop music as we know it. Others ran wayyy beyond. That’s right folks – I’m on about the crazy spaced-out world of funky seventies jazz fusion. Or as I like to think about it, the ‘Marmite’ corner of the funk universe. Full of epic instrumental odysseys, tempo changes, and an