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PERFECT TOY RECORDS: Down In The Valley 3 & 4

PERFECT TOY RECORDS: Down In The Valley 3 & 4If you’d already had success dropping a double volume of super obscure but super dope garage soul and psych-funk (not to mention all shades in between and beyond) and you had a crate digger on speed dial who you knew could turn up another payload of such nuggets – you’d probably give him the green light straight away. Which is precisely what Perfect Toy Records have done on

FEATURECAST: Goodgroove Friday 3 April (2015)

Goodgroove FRiday April 2015 FeaturecastSomerset town Frome has been the site of human settlement since at least Roman times yet the most exciting thing to have happened there in two thousand years was the 2010 discovery of a hoard of Roman coins. Fact. Until this year that is. On April 3 to be specific. Why? Because on that day the fearsome Goodgroove horde plans to descend on this quiet country backwater to wreak