SHIRLEY DAVIS & THE SILVERBACKS:  Stay FirmStay Firm is the new one from Shirley Davis & The Silverbacks and it says here that Davis is, “singing from the heart and asking for patience and resilience in the face of adversity,” which she certainly is. Personally, I’d have gone for ‘Stand Firm’ as a title so it didn’t sound quite so much like the slogan of a Viagra advert. You can’t fault our Shirl’s pipes on this lilting soul burner though and it is immediately obvious why the late great Sharon Jones invited her to perform onstage in Madrid a few years back or why this prompted The Silverbacks’ label Tucxone to immediately get in touch. In any case, none of the above should surprise longtime MB regulars since this is the very same Shirley Davis who recorded the scorching Greenbacks with Deep Street Soul all the way back in 2009. Stay Firm will appear on the forthcoming album, Keep On Keeping On.
(Out now on Lovemonk Records)