RESENSE 052: Young Jazzy (SLICK WALK) / One Million Clubs (VOODOOCUTS) (Vinyl 7″)

RESENSE 052It’s not unheard of for edits label Resense to do two near simultaneous drops and such is the case this week with the arrival of another pair of DJ Oonops-selected cuts for Resense 052 vinyl 7″. Unlike the all-Shin-Ski affair that is Resense 051, this one features Slick Walk on one side and Voodoocuts on t’other. And while Mr Walk’s all about re-booting a bit of Young Holt Unlimited, Mr Cuts is in the club, bottle full of bub getting all jazzy on the blend with Mr Cent. Another pair of sureshots.  Oh yeah, like 051, this one has also sold out on the Resense bandcamp already.  Get your skates on before there’s nothing left at your favourite alternative vinyl emporium!
(Out 23 January on Resense)