PARKER: Where’s My Monkey? – free download

Not just the cry of a porn actress who’s developed a beer belly, ‘where’s my monkey?’ is now also a dubstep remix of TC’s Where’s My Money? from Bristol-based DJ/Producer Parker.

DOWNLOAD Where’s My Monkey? off some of the links HERE OR off the soundcloud player below. Vid below that:

Parker – Where’s My Monkey? by Parker.

6 Responses to PARKER: Where’s My Monkey? – free download

  1. Anonymous says:

    Where’s the download link then. you lyin?

  2. tlansdowne says:

    a thousand apologies – it should work now. the web gimp started bleating something about how a bit of html coding was missed out – i couldn’t hear the rest properly because we’d already shut him in the shark tank by then.

  3. tlansdowne says:

    Some people are never happy. Did you mean you couldn’t get the download link to work? I just checked it and it worked fine for me although it did strike me that (if that was the case) you might be technologically incompetent as well as an abusive motherfucking illiterate. Have a nice day cockmonkey.

  4. Anonymous says:

    you fucker i have just wasted my life cheers cunt arse

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