NATHAN JOHNSTON & THE ANGELS OF LIBRA:  All Your LoveFresh from the atmospherics of previous single Angel Of Libra, all about lost love, and the Peaky Blinders-ish sepia ambience of the accompanying video, Nathan Johnston & The Angels Of Libra follow-up with new one All Your Love, a yearning but rather more upbeat slice of blue-eyed soul all about discovering new love. And he’s back in the game! Of course, we can’t have any gloomy theatrics for this – what will the director do? Well for starters the video begins with a clip from the end of the previous one – our Nath sloping off through a tumbeldown graveyard before the scene changes and he’s suddenly in the basement toilet of a club splashing a bit of water on his face as the band limber up with the opening chords of All Your Love above. Apparently ordering some retro kaleidoscope effects, a mirrorball and three female backing singers at the bar on his way to the stage, our man is soon in full ‘Mr Loverman’ mode. Job’s a good ‘un. Except he’s got an extra gear! Come the four minute twenty mark we suddenly drop down to half-speed for a minute long outro and Johnston wheels out the falsetto and a Barry White-esque bit of smooth-talking for the close. A surefire guarantee of some ‘how’s your father’ later, if anything is…
(Out now on Waterfall Records)