MONSTAFUNK: Things That Go Funk In The Night (2014)

Things That Go Funk In The Night MonstafunkThe ghetto funk/ breaks universe not cheesy enough for you at the minute? Fear not – Monstafunk will be along in mid September with the breakbeat equivalent of a kilo of warm Limburger. No prizes for guessing that there’s a Backstreet Boys flavour to opener Backstreet’s Wack but be warned that there is also a Will Smith rind. Follow-up Creepy, provides a slightly less pungent TLC-based flavour and then we’re back to the rather odoriferous Day & Night – essentially Biggie disco shot through with Euro-house veins of 90s chart botherer Soulsearcher. The last item on the cheeseboard is an unlikely hybrid of the Chemical Brothers and the Gibb brothers which I understand goes well after a ketamine dessert. All a bit crackers, frankly…
(Out 15 September on Relative Dimensions)