LEE FIELDS & THE EXPRESSIONS: Don't Give UpPrefaced by a lovely little guitar vamp, Lee Fields’ new single and soul slowie Don’t Give Up (the bonus track from this year’s It Rains Love album), encourages the listener not to give up on love when the ‘winds of uncertainties have rattled your faith.’ Is Mr Fields having another lady crisis or could he be talking about love in a wider sense? The PR blah notes that the track contains, ‘the perfect sentiment to carry us through the regressive autumn’ which certainly hints at ‘love in a wider sense’ what with the world’s orangest reactionary toddler turning up in London for a NATO summit and what are less winds of uncertainties than a relentless hurricane of contempt for the public that daily comes blasting out of Downing Street. These things have certainly rattled more than a few people’s faith in humanity and as we know, Mr Fields has form when it comes to speaking truth to power – 2017’s Make The World Better and this year’s Wake Up being cases in point. Check it below.